Celebrate Valentine's Day with Scott and Jean!

Today is Valentine's Day, and love is in the air! We wanted to show you the love with our special, limited time promotion. Today only, buying a Marvel Heroes Starter Pack or Premium Pack can get you Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops and Jean Grey, AKA Phoenix - for FREE!

Purchase your Founders Pack Today

Almost every Starter Pack and Premium Pack is eligible for this offer. (The Ultimate Pack is not, as you already get all the costumes and both heroes as part of your pack!) All you need to do is purchase a pack between 12:01 AM and 11:59PM PST today. (That's 3:01 AM and 2:59AM EST on Feb 15th, 8:01 AM and 7:59 GMT on Feb 15th and 7:01 PM and 6:59PM Sydney time on Feb 15th. More timezone help here). Please note, Cyclops and Jean Grey will be added to your Founders Pack when it is granted at the beginning of Early Game Access (when the game is released), and will not be seen in your cart during checkout - this is normal!

Please note, if you choose to buy either the Cyclops or the Jean Grey Starter Pack during today's promotion, you will only receive either Jean Grey or Cyclops as a bonus (whichever one you did not purchase). This offer also does not apply to the Uncanny X-Men or Marvel NOW! Premium Packs (as they both already contain Jean Grey and Cyclops).

Already bought a Founders Pack? We love you too!

For anyone who's already picked up a Starter or Premium Pack, we thank you for being an early supporter of Marvel Heroes, and want to show you some love on this Valentine's Day too. That's why everyone who purchased a Starter or Premium Pack before 12:01 AM PST on February 14th will be getting a Valentine's Day gift, X-Men style.

Here's the breakdown:

For previous Starter* or Premium Pack purchasers:

  • FREE Cyclops (Astonishing costume) and Jean Grey (Phoenix costume)
    * This applies to anyone who purchased any Starter Pack (except Cyclops/Jean Grey) or Premium Pack
      (with the exceptions noted below, before 12:01 AM PST on February 14th.)

For previous Cyclops Starter Pack purchasers:

  • FREE Jean Grey (Phoenix costume) plus Black Queen costume

For previous Jean Grey Starter Pack purchasers:

  • FREE Cyclops (Astonishing costume) plus 90's X-Men costume

For previous Marvel NOW! Premium Pack purchasers:

  • FREE bonus costumes: Cyclops Classic, Jean Grey Dark Phoenix

For previous Uncanny X-Men Premium Pack purchasers:

  • FREE bonus costumes: Cyclops 90's X-Men; Jean Grey Black Queen

For previous Marvel Classic Premium Pack purchasers:

  • FREE Jean Grey (Phoenix costume) plus bonus costume: Cyclops Classic

We hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine's Day and hope you enjoy playing with Scott and Jean in Marvel Heroes!