Celebrate Lunar New Year!

LUNAR FESTIVAL HOLIDAY CELEBRATION! We’re holding a special two week long event for the Lunar New Year!

Every day you login from now until Friday February 14th, you will receive a daily gift of a Red Envelope. The red envelope could contain one of the following things:

Red Envelope Daily Login Item:


  • A Lunar Lantern worth 888 credits (to sell or donate)
  • A Lunar Dragon worth 8888 credits (to sell or donate)
  • 8 Cube Shards
  • 8 Eternity Splinters
  • A Fireworks Launcher Artifact that gives you and your allies a large group buff of credit find when used.
  • ...and more!

The above mentioned limited-time Lunar Lantern and Dragon items also have a chance to drop anywhere in the game!

Lastly, The Mandarin will get the holiday boss treatment and drop greatly increased loot for the entire holiday period.

Happy Lunar New Year! Join us on our Forums, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and tell us what you think.