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Bring On The Bad Guys + More Pack


We've created a special Advance Pack for anyone who missed out on our original Advance Packs from 2013. Available now for $59.99, this is almost a 60% savings!

Bring On The Bad Guys + More includes three upcoming Heroes and our highly anticipated playable Villains!


  • Mr. Fantastic, Brilliant and Elastic.
  • Star-Lord, Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Rogue, Southern Belle and Mutant Powerhouse
  • Venom, the Lethal Protector
  • Juggernaut, the Unstoppable Force
  • Magneto, Master of Magnetism

In addition, this pack will include one alternate costume and a S.T.A.S.H. tab for each Hero and Villian listed above.

Make sure you pre-order these amazing Heroes at this discounted price today!


  • The order the heroes listed here does not refer to the order they will be released in. All heroes and costumes included will be automatically delivered to you, in game, on their official sales date. You will also automatically receive each hero's Stash tab on the official sales date.
  • Release dates on heroes and costumes included in this pack are to be determined, but are very likely to occur throughout 2014 and early 2015.

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