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Boost Bonanza Sale!


In order to make sure that we deliver a truly Epic Twelve weekend to conclude our anniversary event, we're bringing back every special boost that's ever been available. Every. Single. One. In case you missed any of these boosts, here's a list of them and all the greatness they bring to you:

  • Cosmic Penta Rush Boost - (Stackable) +100-200% XP, Rare Item & Special Item Find, +50-100% Orb Range, +20-40 Credits (4 Hours)
  • Sweet Candy Rush Boost - (Stackable) +100-200% Rare Item Find and +20-40 Credit Find (4 Hours)
  • Spring Candy Boost - +70% Rare Item Find, Special Item Find, Orb Range, +17 Credits per drop (70 Minutes)
  • Bounty Hunter Boost - +200% Rare Item & Special Item Find, +100% Orb Range, +10% Move Speed, Larger Enemy Detection Range on Minimap (1 Hour)
  • Odin's Bounty Boost - Increased Odin Mark Drop Rate, +50% Rare Item & Special Item Find (2 Hours)
  • Eternity Splinter Boost - Increased Eternity Splinter Drop Rate (3 Hours)

These highly-sought after boosts are only available until the end of Epic Twelve, and as before, we have special bundles offering discounts on all of these boosts. Head on into the in-game store to the bundles tab to get your hands on them while you can!