Bonus currency is back for Founders Program

When we introduced the Marvel Heroes Founders Program earlier this month, we gave our earliest adopters a chance to pick up some bonus in-game currency, in addition to what they'd normally get in any of our Founders Packs.

That offer ended on January 23rd, but in response to the huge demand, we're adding bonus currency back into every Founders Pack purchased, allowing you to pick up even more heroes, costumes and other items when Marvel Heroes launches, as well as all the items in each Founders Pack.

The additional bonus currency being added, on top of the normal included in-game currency, is as follows: $5 (€4, £3) bonus for Starter Packs; $25 (€20, £16) for Premium Packs and $45 (€36, £28) for the Ultimate Pack.

Remember, this offer is available for a limited time only; our initial bonus currency offer (even higher for our earliest adopters) ended after two weeks, so buy your Founders Pack today to get the best value!

As an additional reminder - purchasing an Ultimate Pack still gets you access to our Closed Beta, but not for much longer! The 2,500 packs are selling fast, so put in your order today to secure your Ultimate Pack for launch!

For customers who bought a Founders Pack between January 23rd and January 28th, good news! We'll be retroactively including the current bonus currency offer for all purchases made in that time, so no-one loses out.