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Blade Joins Marvel Heroes 2015!

Blade Presale

Our 52nd playable character, Blade has arrived in Marvel Heroes 2015 just in time for Halloween. Blade is ready to take on enemies with his lethal sword, signature glaive, and a variety of other weapons!

Costume Preview:

Click an image below to get a closer look at Blade's first costumes in Marvel Heroes 2015.


About Blade

Born while a vampire fed on his mother, Eric Brooks would become something the world had never seen before. Affected by the vampire’s curse, Eric was imbued with all their supernatural powers, but none of their weaknesses to garlic, silver, or sunlight, hence why the vampires call him “Daywalker.” Left an orphan and cursed with a vampire’s thirst for blood, Eric would use his superhuman abilities to hunt the world’s vampires in a quest to kill all who would doom him to this existence. Over the course of his unnaturally long lifetime he would eventually become the world’s most prolific vampire hunter: Blade!

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