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Black Cat Joins Marvel Heroes 2015!

Black Cat

Our 55th playable character, Black Cat, arrives as the first Hero of Marvel Heroes 2016! Voiced by Jennifer Hale who also played her in Spidey’s ‘90s animated series, Black Cat is a Physical damage hero that prefers valuables over violence, but that doesn't mean she won't leave a few scratch marks if necessary. Enemies will have to get past the lashes of her whip and an arsenal of tricky remote traps before the claws need to come out, though! And if someone loses a nice watch or a shiny ring in the process, well, they should have known better before crossing this cat's path.

Will the newly added Black Cat be your first playable character to experience Marvel Heroes 2016?

Costume Preview:

Click an image below to get a closer look at Black Cat's first costumes in Marvel Heroes 2015.


About Black Cat

Daughter to a world renowned cat burglar, Felicia Hardy was raised to never settle for anything in life. Traumatized in college, Felicia trained herself to take vengeance upon those who had made her a victim. Deprived of her chance to kill her attacker, Felicia would take her father's advice to its natural conclusion and follow in his criminal footsteps. As the Black Cat, Felicia made a substantial career for herself coming into constant contact with the superhero Spider-Man. Though determined to always have the best things in life, it was Spider-Man who taught Black Cat that maybe her skills could help more than they could hurt.

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