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Biggest Update Ever!


The BIGGEST UPDATE EVER has finally arrived to Marvel Heroes 2016. We've overhauled every Super Hero and many of our core systems, and we're really excited for you to try them out! Check out our previous dev blogs detailing some of the major changes we're making: Hero Power Updates, Item Update, Omega System Update: The Infinity System, and the Personal Difficulty Slider.

Marvel Heroes 2016 2.0 Patch Highlights

Talents, Reworks, Movement, and the Removal of Power Points

Power Points are gone and every hero has had substantial power reworks! Instead you unlock your powers as you progress in level like before, and after you unlock your powers you unlock sets of talents. Talents come in sets of three, and all heroes have five sets. Each set of talents will augment your powers, often dramatically, so read over them carefully, but feel free to actively switch them out and try all the options.

Additionally, while every hero has a very fast travel power, we’ve now introduced a Charge System to our dash and dash-like powers. These powers were never meant to be used to traverse the environment, but to add to your rotation for damage and, more importantly, escape dangerous boss damage in the nick of time. The travel power each hero has is now the way you can rapidly traverse the world around you and unlock at level 10.

Infinity System

The Infinity System is the replacement for the OMEGA system. Your omega points and experience have been converted, and any subsequent experience earned will go towards Infinity System points. There are far fewer nodes in this than the OMEGA system, and we hope that you’ll find the new system more useful and much easier to understand. To access it, hit the P key or open up your Powers tree, then tab over to the Infinity System tab. The Infinity System is unlocked after you get one hero to level 60, and then is available to all heroes after from level one on.

Difficulty Slider and Difficulty Tuning

You can now play one of three difficulties. This is accessed through the Waypoint “M.A.P.” window. Select your region and then your difficulty and then “Warp to Location.” Be warned, though, the new Cosmic difficulty is only for the strongest of heroes!

Catalysts and Costume Core Conversion

Catalysts are the new version of our previous “Costume Cores.” They go into a new slot next to your costume, and now have random affixes on them that can be very different depending on the rarity and type of the Catalyst. Affixes for costumes are crafted directly on the Catalysts now, so look for new recipes on the Crafter. All previously crafted costume cores have been converted to unslotted Catalysts in your inventory. This will include all crafting affixes and costume visual effects applied to it.

For absolutely everything on this Biggest Update Ever, read our full Marvel Heroes 2016 2.0 Patch Notes. Items detailed include:

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