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April Midtown Madness!

Midtown Madness Returns

Midtown Madness is back with your favorite action, buffs, and loot! Join us for a full week event that includes:

  • Extra Loot from Midtown Bosses - chance for very rare items & increased chance to roll cosmic or unique items
  • Midtown-Inspired Server Buffs - 59% server-wide buffs to XP, SIF, & RIF in honor of Midtown's 59th street history
  • Midtown Fortune Cards - Fortune Card that drops in Midtown!
  • Patrol Boosts - Returns so you can take on all of Midtown! +100% Special Item Find, +100% Rare Item Find, +100% Orb Pickup Range, Chance for Jackpot Loot Explosion when defeating bosses in Industry City or Midtown Manhattan (3 Hours)

Midtown Fortune Card

The Midtown Fortune Card is back! It is not for sale and is only available as a drop in Midtown during Midtown Madness. These Fortune Cards can contain a number of valuable items, but also have a rare chance to give high-value items or ultimate upgrade tokens. Midtown Fortune Cards can drop from any enemy in Midtown, so be sure to go crazy in Midtown Madness!