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Anniversary Sale - Up to 50% Off!

2nd Anniversary Sale - Up to 50% Off! SALE ENDS the morning of Friday June 12th.

We weren't joking about going bonkers, and we're continuing that trend by having a massive sale for our 2nd Anniversary! SALE ENDS Friday June 12th at noon.
Click on the pictures below to read more about some of our major updates this week!

  • All Heroes (Except X-Men & Doctor Doom) - 50% Off
  • All Costumes (Except Iceman All New X-Men & Doctor Doom Classic) - 40% Off
  • All Team-Ups & Pets (Except X-Men) - 50% Off
  • X-Men Heroes, Costumes, Team-Ups & Pets - 40% Off
  • Boxes of 36 Fortune Cards - 50% Off

Additionally - Don't Miss Out on the Anniversary Hype - Stock Up on G and Fill Your Roster!

Bonus G Sale
Mega Pack Mk III

In addition to the huge deals above, the Bonus G sale has been extended to NOON Wednesday June 10th Pacific Time, and the Mega Pack MK III is back on sale at 35% off until Friday June 12th at noon.

For full details of our most recent patch, head on over to our OFFICIAL FORUMS to read about everything in Patch 1.55!