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All Anniversary Sales Return!

Update: EXTENDED! - Our 3rd Anniversary Sales (Bonus G, Half Off Heroes/Costumes/Team-Ups/Pets, Fortune Favors You, Boost Bonanza, STASH sale, Mega Pack MK IV sale) will all end at 11:59 PM July 4th Pacific Time. For the final week of our 3rd Anniversary Celebration, every sale this month has returned, except BOGO has been replaced by 50% OFF Heroes & Costumes!

50% OFF every Hero and Costume!

Our 3rd Anniversary Celebration concludes 50% OFF Heroes and Costumes! Every individual Hero and Costume available in the store is half off, now is the best time to grab try out that Hero you've been holding out on, or getting that costume that you've always wanted!

15% Bonus G Sale!

Our Bonus G Sale returns once again to close out our 3rd anniversary celebration! We’ve once again included the massive 28,750 G bundle for those of you who want to stock up.

50% OFF every Team-Up and Pet!

The Team-Up and Pet Sale returns. Had your eye on a Team-Up companion to fight alongside you, like Spider-Gwen, Gamora, Sam Wilson Captain America or the Agent Venom? Or maybe a Pet just to hang out with, like Spider-Ham, H.E.R.B.I.E. or a cute li'l Bamf? Don't wait, every Pet and Team-Up is 50% off!

Fortune Favors You!

All special Fortune Cards have returned, and all Boxes of 36 Fortune Cards are on sale for 50% off! All Special Fortune Cards have also returned - including Mardi-Gras, X-Men, Beach Party, and Asgardian cards.

Boost Bonanza!

Almost every single special boost is available in the store for this final week of our 3rd Anniversary celebration, stock up!

25% Off Stash Sale!

That's right, the S.T.A.S.H. sale is back, every S.T.A.S.H. page purchased with G is 25% off! *Note that you may have to pay regular price with S.T.A.S.H. number 26 and/or number 39. If so please contact support and they will refund the amount in Gs that you are owed.