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Advance Pack 2 FAQ


Who are the ten confirmed heroes for the Advance Pack 2?

Winter Soldier, War Machine, Vision, She-Hulk, Black Cat, Blade, Iron Fist, Kitty Pryde w/ Lockheed, Iceman and Dr. Doom.

When will the Advance Pack 2 heroes be released?

Most will be released between January and December 2015. Some will likely be released in the very early months of the following year depending on exact schedule details.

What is the exact release order of the heroes?

Order is to be determined and subject to change.

Are there any other heroes releasing in 2015?

There may be an occasional extra hero in 2015 not related to the Advance Pack 2, either surprise or associated with another promotion (similar to what we did in 2014).

When will the Iridium Triple Boosts be delivered?

12 Iridium Triple Boosts will be delivered immediately to players who order the Advance Pack 2 Deluxe Edition or Standard Edition. An additional Triple Boost will be delivered with each Advance Pack 2 Deluxe Edition hero delivery.

When will the Retcon Devices be delivered?

2 Retcon Devices will be delivered in tandem upon Hero delivery with each Advance Pack 2 Deluxe Edition order. Standard Edition orders will receive 1 Retcon Device with each Hero delivery.

When will the heroes and other items be delivered?

All heroes and costumes will automatically be delivered to your inventory immediately on their release date.

What is included upon each Hero release?

In addition to each Hero release, Deluxe Edition purchases will receive an additional costume for each Hero, that Hero's S.T.A.S.H. page, 1 Triple Iridium Boost, and 2 Retcon Devices. Standard Edition purchases will receive just the Hero's S.T.A.S.H. page, and 1 Retcon Device.

What does the exclusive H.E.R.B.I.E. version look like for the Deluxe Pack?

The H.E.R.B.I.E. alternate version is a recoloring of H.E.R.B.I.E. and an image will be released as soon as the artists have finished with the approval step process.

Tell me about the Spider-Girl Enhanced Mayday Parker costume!

Advance Pack 2 Deluxe buyers will get an advance copy of the Mayday Parker enhanced costume for Spider-Man, for free with their Advance Pack 2 purchase. They will receive it at least a month before it’s official release. And it is awesome.

Tell me about the Magneto variant costume.

Magneto’s Marvel NOW black-variant costume is included in the Advance Pack 2 Deluxe edition.

Who are the other 2 unannounced Advance Pack 2 heroes?

The final two heroes for Advance Pack 2 are not finalized and will likely not be finalized for a long time. The exact two will be determined based on some tech experimentation and storyline details. The two heroes we add will be at least 400 splinter heroes. As an example, the two unannounced heroes that were added to the first Advance Pack were Rogue and Mr. Fantastic.