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12 Days of Winter Festivities!

12 Days of Winter Festivities


We're excited for the Holiday season and for Winter to begin. So excited that it's got us in a festive mood. So join us for our 12 Days of Winter Festivities. We're celebrating for the next 12 days with daily gifts, events and more starting Dec 13th! Check back every day to see what unlocks for the next day of festivities!

12 Days of Winter Festivities Schedule

Day Date Festivity
1 Saturday, December 13 +100% Server Side Bonus Experience Gain, Rare Item Find, & Special Item Find throughout the event!
2 Sunday, December 14 Currency Explosion! Log in today for a currency gift. Right-click the gift to claim some Eternity Splinters, Odin Marks, and more!
3 Monday, December 15 Patrol Boost! Log in for a free Patrol Boost to help with Midtown Monday!
4 Tuesday, December 16 Rare Runes! Log in for rare runes Tyr, Serpent, Ymir, Frigga, and Sif!
5 Wednesday, December 17 Odin's Bounty Rotation has returned for one day, along with an Odin's Boost! Check out our Schedule now!
6 Thursday, December 18 Mysterious Blue Omega Box! Log in to receive a box that contains one of many rare Boss-specific Uniques!
7 Friday, December 19 Cosmic Penta Boost & Holiday colored H.E.R.B.I.E.! Log in for a Cosmic Penta Rush Boost, and redeem the code H3RB1E for a Holiday Gift featuring a Red or Green H.E.R.B.I.E. pet!
8 Saturday, December 20 Holiday Groot Team-Up! Log in for a Holiday Groot Team-up!
9 Sunday, December 21 Snow Flurry Artifact! Log in for a ice cold Snow Flurry Visual Artifact!
10 Monday, December 22 Winter Wonder Boost! This boost grants 200% RIF/SIF/XP, 2X Eternity Splinter Drop Rate, an Increased Odin Mark Drop Rate, and last for three hours!
11 Tuesday, December 23 Random Costume Box & Festivus Pole Artifact! Log in for a free Random Costume and a Festivus Pole Artifact!
12 Wednesday, December 24 Random Hero Box! Our final day brings a Random Hero!

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