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10 Days of Guardians of the Galaxy In-Game Event!

Join the countdown to Guardians of the Galaxy with our latest in-game event!

Can't wait for the release of Guardians of the Galaxy? Neither can we! That's why until the next patch, the mysterious Planet X Bark will be awarded for completing a Shared Quest. You can complete all three Shared Quests, once a day, in order to get the daily max of 3 Planet X Bark!

This mysterious, perhaps even galactic, item can be redeemed for amazing gifts including:


  • Mysterious Crimson Box - Guaranteed to give one highly sought after super-villain exclusive Artifact
  • Galactic Bounty Box - Guaranteed Unique
  • Ghost Box

To get you started, we're giving you one Planet X Bark as a login reward every day that you log in.

Midtown Madness is Back!

In addition to collecting Planet X Bark, we've brought back our popular Midtown Madness event! Take on buffed bosses in Midtown Manhattan for more awesome loot.