When Reed Richards finished his experimental starship and wanted to take it on an unsanctioned test flight, his college buddy (and former USAF pilot) Ben Grimm agreed to fly it. Together with Richards' girlfriend Sue Storm and her brother Johnny, Ben and Reed launched into space, where they were exposed to unprecedented levels of cosmic radiation.

The radiation triggered mutagenic changes in each of the four passengers. In Grimm's case, he became a brutish creature with orange, rocky skin. Sue's description of him as a "thing" stuck as his heroic nickname, and Thing became a founding member of the Fantastic Four.

Starting Powers 

Directed Shockwave

Punch the ground to create a shockwave that knocks enemies in its path into the air.

Rocky Punch

Strike enemies in front of you with your rocky fist.


Directed Shockwave

Beginner's Guide

Benjamin J. Grimm, otherwise known as the rocky-hided Thing from the Fantastic Four, is a multi-purpose bruiser. Thing can take on multiple foes at once, mitigating damage though many of his powers and also dealing high damage in return. As a member of one of the world's foremost super-teams however, Thing specializes in teamwork, and can keep enemies away from his allies as well as grant them various bonuses!

Level 1: Thing’s first two powers are a one-two punch of sorts. Rocky Punch allows Thing to swing his fists, damaging enemies in a small cone area in front of him. Thing can also use Directed Shockwave, a power that allows him to pound the ground, causing a shockwave in a straight line under enemies, knocking them up into the air. By knocking enemies into the air with Directed Shockwave, Thing is able to use Rocky Punch to deal big damage while they’re incapacitated!

Thing also comes with the Passive Power, Hard as Rock which gives him a flat bonus to his defense and Tenacity. Tenacity is a hero’s ability to resist effects such as knockdown or stunning, and can be imperative for a melee hero like Thing to keep from being tied down!

Level 2: Thing excels in his ability to assist his friends and absorb damage which is assisted by his unlocking Yancy Street Taunt at this level. This power forces enemies in a radius around Thing to attack him (as opposed to whomever they were attacking previously) and also lowers their damage (his insults learned from his days in the Yancy Street Gang are particularly cruel).

Level 3: Though Rocky Punch and Directed Shockwave deal good damage, they also hit multiple targets. If you’re playing Thing at an early level and only have one major target to defeat, Bash should be your power of choice! Bash deals BIG damage to a single target, and also stuns them, allowing your allies to pile on damage or for you to interrupt a dangerous bosses’ attack!

Level 4: Yancy Street Taunt forces enemies to target Thing, so what do you do when you’re surrounded? Rockslide ChargeM allows Thing to barrel through enemies, knocking them down as he makes contact! This move functions both as a great way to escape a crowd and as a way to start a round of fisticuffs. Charge in with Rockslide Charge to knock an enemy down, then use Bash to deal damage and stun them!

Level 6: In addition to the ability to taunt enemies, Thing is also able to assist his team by using team auras such as the Guardian Aura. Thing can only use one aura at a time, but Guardian Aura is a good first choice as it gives a flat defensive bonus to Thing and his party members for only one use of 25 Spirit. What makes Guardian Aura even more great is that it essentially gives you and your party an extra gear slot worth of defense!

If you’re looking for a hero that can take lots of damage and deal it in kind, Thing might be for you! Thing can be a key part of any team, with his Yancy Street Taunt and various auras allowing him to take heat off of allies as well as make them stronger. If you feel your team could use some help, you might need Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew!







Ben Grimm



Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
Available for Purchase