Iron Man


During a visit to the Persian Gulf to show off the latest Stark Industries weaponry, Tony Stark was captured by the enemy and forced to build a new super weapon. Instead (with the assistance of renowned physicist and fellow prisoner Ho Yinsen) Stark crafted the first version of his now-famous powered battle armor. He soon escaped captivity, though Yinsen gave his life to buy Stark the few extra moments he needed to activate his armor.

Since that day, Stark has lived two lives: one as the playboy industrialist in charge of Stark Industries, and the other as the high-flying golden Avenger known as Iron Man!

Starting Powers 

Pulse Bolt

Fire a ball of repulsor energy that explodes when it hits an enemy.

Repulsor Ray

Blast an enemy with your repulsors.

Channeled Repulsors

Death From Above

Beginner's Guide

The Golden Avenger, Iron Man, brings his entire arsenal to Marvel Heroes in the form of repulsors, missiles, shields, and more! Iron Man excels at a little bit of everything: dealing big damage from a distance, cutting a path through enemies up close, and being able to take lots of damage with his adaptable shields!

Iron Man’s early powers excel at ranged superiority, with his Basic Power Repulsor Blast being a great option to deal quick damage (with no Spirit cost). Iron Man’s other starting power, Pulse Bolt, is a slower firing, higher damage repulsor blast that explodes on impact, damaging all enemies around its initial target. Use Pulse Bolt sparingly though, as it consumes Spirit with each use, but serves as a great ability to combine intermittently with Repulsor Blasts for high damage with optimum Spirit conservation!

To alleviate Pulse Bolt’s (and many of Iron Man’s other powerful abilities) Spirit cost, Iron Man also starts with the passive ability Reserve Power at level 1. This power gives Iron Man 20 additional Spirit at rank 1, and scales higher with additional ranks, allowing Iron Man to use more powers than other heroes, even at level 1!

Level 2: Not content with wearing a incredibly technically advanced suit of armor, Iron Man gains Force Shield at level 2. Force Shield acts as a damage buffer for Tony, allowing him to absorb 50% of damage dealt, for up to a whopping 200 damage absorbed at rank 1! In order to monitor Iron Man’s Force Shield status, you can use his secondary resource bar (located directly above the XP bar on the UI) to see his Shield Capacity.

Level 3: If you’re not content with just ranged combat, or would like to be able to escape a group of melee enemies, you’re in luck. Hyper-Velocity Charge is unlocked at level 3, which sends Iron Man barreling through enemies with your force shields and jet boots, knocking back any that you come into contact with! This power is great for clearing groups of dangerous melee enemies, escaping a fight you might not be able to win, or simply hitting fast and hard with a melee attack!

Level 4: Iron Man unlocks one of his most dangerous (and satisfying) powers at level 4: Repulsor Barrage. This ability allows Tony to cut down waves of enemies from a distance with rapid fire repulsor blasts! Though it’s incredibly powerful for both bosses and normal enemies alike, it’s important to keep it’s Spirit cost in mind, as each blast (and there are a LOT!) drains Iron Man’s Spirit! Not being mindful of Spirit can lead to Tony getting trapped by powerful enemies without the means to escape or defeat them, so be wary while using this power!

While leveling Iron Man, you’ll continue to unlock more and more dangerous tech, including auto-firing missiles (that have homing capabilities), advanced shields meant for any situation, and incredibly powerful ranged blasts such as the Unibeam and deadly Channeled Repulsors. Iron Man is a great hero for anybody who wants to take down targets at a distance, but be able to absorb damage or escape in a pinch! By using Tony’s shields, missiles, and repulsors, Iron Man can take down large groups of enemies before they can engage him, and acts as a perfect attacker for an Avengers (or any) team!







Tony Stark



Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
Available for Purchase