Bruce Banner worked as a scientist on the gamma bomb project when he heroically saved a young man from exposure to a nuclear blast. Unfortunately, the exposure to gamma radiation changed Banner's cell structure, causing him to transform into a raging green monster (known as the Hulk) when he became angry.

Over the years, the Hulk has acted as hero, villain, or pure destructive force depending on his state of mind.

Through it all, Banner continues to search for a cure that would end his deadly rampages.

Starting Powers 

Furious Punch

Swing your big green fist at enemies in front of you.

Ground Smash

Slam the ground with your fists, knocking down nearby enemies.

Crushing Leap

Thunderous Handclap

Beginner's Guide

Hulk’s powers are meant for one thing: smashing his enemies! Whether it’s one at a time or in large groups, Hulk specializes in big damage and big destruction, with powers that allow him to clear a room of enemies in seconds!

Hulk’s first powers are dangerous even at level 1, with his Basic Power Furious Punch being able to lay waste to multiple enemies as he swings his fists, free of Spirit. Alongside Furious Punch is Hulk’s Ground Smash power, in which Hulk furiously pummels the ground dealing damage to those who surround him, the downside to this of course being that it costs Spirit.

Though Hulk is limited by Spirit use just as any other hero is, he comes equipped with another Active Power at level 1 called Unbridled Rampage. This power utilizes Hulk’s Rage secondary resource which builds up as he takes damage (and adds bonus damage to his attacks as Rage increases). To activate Unbridled Rage, Hulk must fill his Rage bar (which will be consumed by the use of this power). This power puts Hulk into a state of pure rage, in which Attack Speed is increased by 10%, and powers cost 75% of their cost, allowing Hulk to continuously use powerful abilities for up to five seconds at rank 1!

Level 2: Unlike characters like Captain America or Thing, Hulk’s next power acts as a buff only for himself! Hulk Tough is a persistent effect that increases his defense, allowing him to take more hits so as to build up more Rage (and ultimately deal more damage). It’s important to remember that as Hulk levels up and unlocks more buff powers, using those powers will replace Hulk Tough, as they cannot be stacked.

Level 3: In order to expand his options beyond smashes and punches, Hulk picks up Vicious Headbutt at level 3. Vicious Headbutt is a close ranged, high damaged headbutt (of course) that can knock down enemies. This ability is great when fighting more powerful enemies or bosses, as it can serve as an interrupt to prevent Hulk or a team mate from receiving massive damage.

Level 4: One of Hulk’s most exciting and iconic powers, Crushing Leap, is unlocked at level 4 (though there are upgraded versions of it at later levels). This ability allows Hulk to cover the entire screen and close the gap with his enemies, smashing into the ground and dealing massive damage to surrounding enemies. Crushing Leap can be used to bounce across the screen effortlessly, dealing damage to as many enemies as he can reach before he runs out of Spirit (which is alleviated by using Unbridled Rampage).

Level 6: Though he’s able to deal a copious amount of damage with most of his powers, sometimes Hulk just wants to be left alone! The power Mighty Roar allows Hulk to knock enemies back, as well as stun any enemies that are already knocked down to further incapacitate them (which is a great combination with Vicious Headbutt).

Though Hulk’s powers don’t directly assist in team play (he has no team buffs like Captain America and Thing), he can still be a valuable asset to any team. Hulk is able to take on massive packs of enemies by simply smashing them fast, hard, and first! Hulk is perfect for a player who wants to participate in some solo play (Hulk just wants to be left alone!) or for a player who wants to be the center of attention in a group setting.







Bruce Banner



Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
Available for Purchase