When young Matt Murdock saved a blind pedestrian from a crashing truck, a radioactive isotope spilled onto him from the vehicle. The substance blinded Matt, but he soon found that his other senses were amplified to superhuman levels. He also manifested a "radar sense" that allowed him to visualize his surroundings without relying on sight.

As he grew up, Matt received training from the ninja master Stick. He later earned a law degree and opened an office with his friend Foggy Nelson, defending those unjustly accused of crimes. By night, he protects his home neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen from criminals and super-villains. Despite living through more personal tragedies than any man should be able to endure, Matt retains an optimistic, heroic outlook on life.

Starting Powers 

Club Strike

Swing your billy clubs in front of you, occasionally slowing targets.

Jumping Strike

Leap forward to strike an enemy with your billy club, knocking it down if it is slowed.

Beginner's Guide

The guardian of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil's agility and billy clubs allow you a variety of play styles, which include ranged club throws and high damage martial arts combos. With the ability to dodge, slow and knock down enemies, you'll be able to clear the scum-strewn streets with ease.

Daredevil’s starting powers, Club Strike and Jumping Strike can be used together to incapacitate enemies. Club Strike has a 25% chance to slow an enemy's movement and attack speed, making their attacks less effective. In order to use this power to its full effect, you can combine it with Jumping Strike which causes knockdown to enemies who have been slowed. These combinations make up much of Daredevil’s abilities, so make sure you learn how each one can benefit another for maximum effect. Daredevil’s first passive power, Relentless Justice makes it even easier to take targets down quickly, as it provides a bonus to move speed.

Level 2: In order to deal with multiple enemies at once, Daredevil gains the ability to swing his clubs in a radius around him with Club Sweep. While this power does solid damage to enemies surrounding Daredevil, it also knocks down any enemies that are slowed. This is another example of how Daredevil can combine different types of crowd control to great effect.

Level 3: Lacking an indestructible shield or adamantium bones, Daredevil must rely on his acrobatics and martial arts abilities to avoid taking damage. You can start this early by putting power points into Man Without Fear, which grants Daredevil a flat bonus to his dodge rating, allowing him to potentially avoid attacks.

Level 4: Daredevil relies on his martial arts abilities and acrobatics to survive, but this is not limited to inherent bonuses to his dodge rating. Action Roll allows Matt Murdock to roll through enemies, ducking under projectiles and melee attacks. In addition to actively dodging attacks, this power also gives Daredevil a temporary boost to his dodge rating just after rolling and knocks down enemies that he makes contact with.

Level 6: Club Throw is one of Daredevil’s most iconic and versatile moves. Throwing his billy club in a straight line, Daredevil deals damage to enemies as it passes through them, but it also slows enemies and returns to Daredevil, hitting them again on the way back! This is useful for combining with Jumping Strike, as Daredevil can slow enemies from a distance and then leap in for a guaranteed knockdown and high damage.

With Daredevil’s dodge chance, ranged and melee crowd control, and high damage single target abilities, you’ll find yourself working out unique builds and play styles while leveling. Daredevil gains various other acrobatic powers that allow him to take down enemies faster, moving in and out of harm. If you’re looking for a hero with an interesting play style and unique synergies, Daredevil could be your Starter Hero!







Matthew Murdock


Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
Available for Purchase