Captain America


In the early days of World War II, a covert military experiment turned Steve Rogers into America's first super-soldier: Captain America.

During the war, Cap served as a symbol of freedom and America's most effective special operative. In the closing days of the war, Captain America disappeared in an explosion over the North Atlantic and was presumed dead.

Decades later, his body was discovered trapped in ice, preserved in a state of suspended animation! Upon his revival, Captain America joined the Avengers and once again took up the heroic battle against evil.

Starting Powers 

Opening Strike

Punch an enemy, briefly rendering that foe vulnerable to attacks. May provide a shield point.

Shield Toss

Fling your shield, damaging all enemies in the path of your throw. Spend shield points to knock down enemies.

Shield Block

Shield Bounce

Beginner's Guide

Captain America’s skills as a Super-Soldier are handy for dispatching enemies, either at a distance and up close, as well as leading other heroes into battle.

Cap's initial abilities, Opening Strike and Shield Toss allow him to effectively attack at range or close-up. Opening Strike is a melee Basic Attack that has a chance to generate a Shield point, Captain America’s Secondary Resource. Understanding this Secondary Resource at an early level is important, as it is utilized in many of Cap’s abilities.

Shield Points are reflected by a bar on the UI located above the XP bar that features 10 ‘pips’. Each ‘pip’ represents one Shield point, and you will gain and use them as you use different abilities for different effects. For instance, Captain America can obtain Shield Points with Opening Strike, and use Shield Toss to spend Shield Points to knock enemies down!

This kind of Secondary Resource management is important to victory, as many of Cap’s powers become more effective with the use of Shield Points. Adding to the per-power usage of Shield Points, Captain America also possesses the passive power Super-Soldier at level 1 which will briefly raise his defense every time he spends a Shield Point.

Level 2: Captain America gains the ability Dynamic Charge, which allows Cap to use his shield as a battering ram, passing freely through enemies and dealing damage. This ability also benefits from Shield Points, dealing bonus damage to enemies as it spends Shield Points with each use. The utility of this power is twofold: you can use it to deal damage to groups of enemies quickly by charging through them, or use it to charge out of dangerous groups or to close the gap to engage enemies in melee combat.

Level 3: The melee power Shield Bash is unlocked, allowing Cap to stun enemies in his immediate vicinity by, aptly, bashing them with his shield! This ability can be used to incapacitate strong enemies to keep them from defeating Cap or can be used in quick succession for big damage! Combining this with Opening Strike, Captain America can quickly dispatch targets in melee.

Level 4: One of Captain America’s most iconic powers, Shield Bounce is unlocked at level 4, which allows him to defeat groups of enemies with a single power. With Shield Bounce, Captain America will throw his shield, bouncing between enemies (up to 3 times at rank 1) and dealing 100% of the damage from the ability Shield Toss. What this means is that by putting points into Shield Bounce, you will increase the maximum amount of times that his shield can bounce, while ranks in Shield Toss will increase the damage dealt by both moves.

Level 6: Encouraging Shout is the first of Captain America’s shout abilities from his Combat Leader tree. Encouraging Shout provides both a short-term 20% haste boost (lasting for 5 seconds at rank 1) and a persistant aura for you and your party members that granted +5% move speed and attack speed. This power is best used in a group focused on quickly getting to an enemy and defeating them as fast as possible, while other shouts provide bonuses to damage, spirit, and health.

If you’re looking for a hero that can combine effect melee, ranged, and leadership auras to serve as a major asset to their party, Captain America is your hero! As you level Cap, he obtains more shouts, more movement abilities, and stronger melee abilities. He can be built as a melee/ranged hybrid, a support hero, or just as a specific melee or ranged. A skilled player can also utilize shield abilities such as blocks and reflecting to help bring down Doctor Doom!







Steve Rogers



Select as Starting Hero
Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
Available for Purchase