Black Widow


Natasha Romanoff was a young Soviet citizen when her government chose to train her in espionage. During her time in the infamous Red Room Academy, she became the master spy known as the Black Widow.

Early in her career, the Black Widow clashed with Iron Man, but her loyalty to her country waned and eventually she switched sides and joined S.H.I.E.L.D. She later joined the Avengers, and has served with distinction on that team many times.

Starting Powers 

Agile Strike

Strike enemies in front of you.

Widow's Bite

Fire a ten-thousand volt charge of electricity that knocks down enemies in its path.

Rolling Grenades

Coup de Grâce

Beginner's Guide

The elusive super spy Black Widow can fill a variety of roles, from an agile close combat fighter to a deadly ranged attacker, or a powerful combination of the two! Her first two powers, the melee Basic Attack Agile Strike and the ranged combat power Widow’s Bite offer a chance for Natasha to strike multiple enemies quickly as well as knockdown enemies who are lined up. Coupled with her initial passive ability Red Room Reflexes which grants a 12% chance to dodge at Rank 1, Black Widow is able to knockdown enemies and get in close, dodging their attacks and taking them down ruthlessly.

Level 2: Black Widow gains the ability Escape Roll, allowing her to freely pass through enemies quickly, as well as stunning those who are in her way! This move is imperative to Black Widow’s survival and damage dealing capabilities, as the ability to move unhindered will allow her to escape a situation that is too dangerous, or allow her to close the gap on an enemy that needs dispatching.

Level 3: Black Widow obtains one of the deadliest moves in her arsenal, Rolling Grenades. These grenades allow her to deal massive damage at a safe distance, though they can be unpredictable and must be aimed properly for maximum damage - remember, grenades can go wild when thrown!

Combining Black Widow’s powers is a must: stunning a group of enemies with a well aimed Widow’s Bite can set them up to take massive damage from her Rolling Grenades. Black Widow can also use her Escape Roll to roll through and stun a group of enemies, and then quickly use Agile Strike to dispatch them.

Level 4: Black Widow unlocks the very lethal attack, Snap Shot. This attack allows Black Widow to rapidly fire dual pistols at enemies to deal damage from a distance. With her level 8 ability Elusive Kick, Black Widow can back-flip away from enemies to escape, rendering them airborne and unable to attack her for a short time. She can then use her Snap Shot to deal high damage from a distance combined with other abilities such as Rolling Grenades.

Overall, players who enjoy an agile character with both ranged and close combat options will feel right at home with Black Widow. With various ways to deal damage as well as avoid it, she’s a deadly weapon in the right hands!







Natasha Romanoff



Select as Starting Hero
Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
Available for Purchase