Game Guide 2015

Be the Hero

In Marvel Heroes, you control your favorite Marvel characters in a unique blend of Action-RPG and Massive Multiplayer Online Game for free.

Game Story

Play through an original story written by comic-scribe Brian Michael Bendis. Attempt to thwart Dr. Doom’s nefarious plan using the Cosmic Cube as a power-source.


Command a giant roster of your favorite Marvel characters, from Iron Man to Storm, Spider-Man to Loki. Play the game for free and unlock any additional heroes with our free currency: Eternity Splinters.

Learn More About the Heroes

Anthem Trailer

Visit Marvel Universe Locations

Adventure in rich, detailed environments including Asgard, New York, the Savage Land, X-Mansion, Avenger’s Tower and many other iconic locations.

Simple Controls

With the very simple intuitive controls, you can play the game with only your mouse. Click or hold the left mouse-button to move to a location. Place your cursor on top of an enemy and click to attack. Right-click to use different power. You can optionally use keyboard keys (A,S,D,F,G,H) to perform other powers.

Customize Your Hero!

There are many ways to create your ideal version of your favorite Marvel characters. Customize and invest in their powers to fit your playstyle. You can also change your look with one of the hundreds of costumes available. Randomly generated items can also enhance any of the many stats each hero possesses.