Marvel Heroes Latest Updates

Game Update 2.14 is Live!

Game Update 2.14 is now live! This update features Level 52 design reviews of both Captain America and Hawkeye, new Cosmic Terminals, a new zone: Bovineheim, and more. Inside are some highlights but be sure to check out the full patch notes for Game Update 2.14 here!


Celebrate Australia Day!

Australia Day is this weekend! To celebrate we are implementing a few changes to the game.


Kate Bishop Enhanced Costume Now Available!

This week Kate Bishop herself has made it to Marvel Heroes. She is our newest Enhanced Costume for Hawkeye and features new voice over plus more. Along with Hawkeye, Captain America has just gotten a level 52 review, so we are bringing back his Nomad Costume permanently. Both are available now in the in-game store.


Developer Livestream this Friday Jan 24th!

Gazillion will be having a Marvel Heroes developer livestream this coming Friday Jan 24th @ 4pm PST/ 7pm EST / 11:59pm GMT.

Join us as we discuss Nightcrawler and upcoming content in Marvel Heroes!


Gambit's "Luck of the Draw" Weekend!

This weekend, we're having our own take on a "Buy One, Get One Free" sale! For any Hero or Costume you purchase, you'll be getting a FREE Random Bonus Hero or Costume IN ADDITION to whichever Hero or Costume you decide to buy!


X-Defense Player-Appreciation Week!

For the next week we've boosted X-Defense to make it even more awesome. Bonuses include increased Special Item Find, Rare Item Find, XP Rewards and more! Head over to a Waypoint, jump into X-Defense and battle wave after wave of enemies now!


Fortune Card Mark 4 Now Available!

This week we are introducing the new Fortune Card Mark IV to the Marvel Heroes in-game store.