Dev Blog: State of the Game with David Brevik

Hello everyone, I’m David Brevik, President and COO of Gazillion Entertainment.

This is my first ‘state of the game’ blog, which I hope to continue to do on a regular basis, along with contributions from a few others on the development team. My goal here is to communicate directly with our wonderful community, let you all know what the team is up to, and where the game is going. We hope that we can give you some insight into our process as well as our beliefs and provide some feedback on questions raised by you.

Right now, the entire team is working hard on making Marvel Heroes the best game possible. It is crunch time! In fact, I’ve stopped shaving and my beard is starting to look frightening enough to draw some attention. There may need to be an intervention to clean up my beard.

In all seriousness, we are very excited about our upcoming launch on June 4th (with Early Game Access beginning as soon as May 28th for Ultimate Pack Purchasers). The team is working hard on our endgame activities. There are PvE activities, PvP and a few other surprises. We are very excited about the direction we are taking with the endgame. It is different and I think people will enjoy it. We will get it into the Closed Beta very soon.

We are also working on balance, adding Ultimate powers for every hero, and finishing up the last of our heroes before launch. I’m personally very excited about Ultimate powers. The power designs are very fun and I love the mechanic of ranking up Ultimate powers through drops. (When you get a random drop of a hero you already have in your roster, that hero drop is used to increase that hero's Ultimate Power.) Rest assured, everyone will have an equal chance of ranking up each Ultimate Power. There are many other things the team is working on but the list is too long to include here. That’s why we do patch notes!


Of course as with any big game, especially an MMO, you don’t always get everything you want by launch. Our dreams and plans are much bigger than we have time to create. This can be good though. The beauty of an MMO is that launch is just the beginning.

Having a giant wish list is not a problem unique to this game; this has been true on every project that I have ever worked on. The good news is we will be adding content, heroes, features, PvE modes, PvP modes and many other things after launch. If you have been in Closed Beta, you understand the pace that we keep and how much we can get done in a few short weeks. In the end, we believe we have a game worthy of the Marvel name at launch and look forward to adding so much more over time.

We have been so excited about the game that we have been hosting bigger beta tests over the past few weekends. People have been enjoying themselves and we are having fun running these larger tests. If you’ve taken part in any of our Closed (or Open) Beta Weekends, please feel free to spread the word about the game – our NDA has finally been lifted. You are now able to stream, chat, post, blog, tweet, etc. about the game freely! I feel a bit like an airline captain turning off the seatbelt sign.

That is about it for now. I’m sure there will be comments and questions – please leave them in our Forums, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. We’re listening and we care about what you have to say. Finally I want to thank all of you for your support; the community has been incredible. We are working tirelessly to make a great game.

David Brevik
President and COO